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Get Your Boogie On!!!

Have you thought about your playlist? What songs to choose? How many to choose? What songs will work the best? Many of our wedding couples struggle with creating the perfect song list for their wedding and reception. Don't worry! We have you covered with access to over 240,000 million tracks and a "Music Request Tool" with sample song lists for every aspect of your wedding and reception.

First, let's talk about the number of songs you will need. In the past....many of your classic 50's and 60's rock and roll and country hits were made for radio and were about 2 1/2 -3 minutes in length. Times and media have changed and the average length of a song is about 4 minutes in today's music industry. All-in-all, about 15-20 songs per hour can be played with no interruptions. However, this does not mean you have to pick 80 songs for a four hour reception. There are other events such as dinner, toasts, cake cutting, and bouquet tosses which will cut down on the number of songs you will need to choose. Our suggestion is to pick about 10 songs per hour for the dancing portion of the evening. A good DJ will be able to choose, from genres provided, the songs needed for the cocktail and dinner hours. Your first dance, Father-Daughter, Mother-Son dance and other special dances are over and above your reception playlist and are usually listed on a planning form or timeline. All special songs should be confirmed at the pre-meet!

Next let's talk about what type of songs to choose. You will have a huge demographic of people: young and old, maybe from different parts of the country, or maybe different cultures. In our music request tool, there is a list of the top 200 requested songs at weddings across the country. This is a great places to start. We have couples say....I like this and he likes that. It is ok to choose a few songs for your liking, but what songs will put your guests on the dance floor! A full dance floor, will keep your guests talking for years about how much fun they had! Choose songs you know they will dance to like the Cupid Shuffle or Wobble. You may even have a tradition in your family that may need to be added. recently we played "You Never Called Me by My Name" by David Allen Coe and the whole crowd hit the dance floor for a tradition within their family! We also get the request for no foul language in the music especially at the beginning of the night. You surely don't want to exclude your elders or offend them with some vulgar language. Make sure to give them a chance on the dance floor too. We try to include fun songs like the twist or All Shook up in the beginning, and work our way into fun music for today's generations.

So choosing the right songs and right time to play those songs can be intricate and should be planned. A combination or your song list, guest requests and a little help from your DJ will more than likely make your event a huge success. Getting all of your guests involved will make memories to last a lifetime!!!!

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